Senin, 04 Februari 2013

Black and White Fashion for Clothes

Black and white fashion is suitable for all occasions, whether formal or casual. It can also be worn by girls and female workers. If you only wear black clothes, then you can indeed look more elegant and slimmer. However, it will also make you as if attending a funeral. Therefore, people often combine black with white for their fashion. Dressed in black and white fashion, you will be the center of everyone's attention. Look at the pictures displayed for your inspiration.

Black and white fashion for clothes can be presented in several ways. Some people want black and white to come equally in their clothing. Meanwhile, some others choose to use black as the dominant color in their clothing, then accented with white. How about you? Which one is your choice? Do not just follow the trend; you need to apply black and white fashion in a way that is most comfortable for yourself.

If you want to bring the black and white into your clothes in balanced portion, then your bottom half should wear black. For the top, choose white. This is not a must, but a suggestion. This will make your waist look slimmer. If you choose white as an accent only, so wear clothes dominated by black. You can present the white color into your style through some accessories, such as bracelet, necklace, or scarves.

If you feel that your physique have negative points, then the black and white fashion will really help you. Clothes with a mixture of black and white will be able to hide your physical shortcomings. Some people might think that the combination of black and white is only suitable for men. They are not entirely correct. In fact, women clothes in black and white color tend to always feel feminine. Dressed in black and white fashion, you will even become more beautiful and attractive.

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